RIEN NE S’OPPOSE AU JOUR – film / installation. Original language : French. Version with English subtitles available.

FILM – A symbiotic love unites TWO with ONE, two women living a contemporary house plunged into an infinite night. Day after day, terrifying and cosmic dreams disturb TWO’s sleep. As a result, the whole house gets shaken. First, ONE tries to reassure TWO. But she soon understands that the drawings she secretly produces and that prepare a radical action she’s about to commit are behind the dreams devastating TWO. Despite her love, ONE achieves her project. Under the gaze of her beloved passing away, ONE gives birth to the daylight, and dies in her turn, irreconcilable with the world she just let emerge and that announces humanity.

Produced by Delphine Schmit (Perspective Films), a film by Romain Kronenberg with Audrey Bonnet & Nathalie Richard. DOP : Julia Mingo. Music : Romain Kronenberg. Stage assistant : Tünde Deak. Electrician : Thomas Coulomb. Sound engineer : Alix Clément. Thanks to Julien Campus & Yannis Motte (BO.A Architecture) & Joël Davesne.

SACEM prize for the best original music, Festival Côté Court de Pantin 2018.


LA FORME DE SON CORPS AVEC L’EXCÈS DE SABLE – film / installation. Original language : French. Version with English subtitles available.

FILM – (english title : The shape of his body with the excess of dust) A young man is traveling on a cargo ship, crossing the oceans. Thanks to a radio, he keeps the contact with some men that he met on the road, soon after he went into exile. He tells them the decline of his motherland, that was set to fire in the hope of freeing inhabitants from the Myth become devitalised. Soon, any radio transmission is lost ; the distance is getting too long. From now on disconnected and lonely, the main character embarks upon a long monologue taking the shape of a poem where he evokes torpor and hope, past and future, the map and the compass symbolised by the ocean that the movement of the cargo ship splits in a trail of froth.

CREDITS – With Adrien Dantou, Florian Desbiendras & Julia Mingo.


JUSQU’AUX RÉGIONS QUI GISENT AU-DELÀ DE LA MER – film / installation. Version with English subtitles available.

FILM – (English title : To the regions lying beyond the seas) In a disused factory, between metallic tanks, pipes weaving along the walls, gangways and countless windows overlooking the sky, a man and a woman welcome their son back home. They wash, eat and don’t speak much except at night when, to help him get to sleep, they tell the creation of the world, the birth of gods, the birth of the son, and men, and the tie between these entities whose balance they disrupt, out of love and until abandon.

CREDITS – With Lucie Boujenah, Adrien Dantou & Léo Pochat. DOP Julia Mingo.

” Toute la mélancolie de la génération Y au milieu des machines dans une troublante vidéo “ (Emmanuelle Lequeux – Le Monde 27.02.2017)