RIEN NE S’OPPOSE AU JOUR – film / installation. Original language : French. Version with English subtitles available.

FILM – A symbiotic love unites TWO with ONE, two women living a contemporary house plunged into an infinite night. Day after day, terrifying and cosmic dreams disturb TWO’s sleep. As a result, the whole house gets shaken. First, ONE tries to reassure TWO. But she soon understands that the drawings she secretly produces and that prepare a radical action she’s about to commit are behind the dreams devastating TWO. Despite her love, ONE achieves her project. Under the gaze of her beloved passing away, ONE gives birth to the daylight, and dies in her turn, irreconcilable with the world she just let emerge and that announces humanity.

Produced by Delphine Schmit (Perspective Films), a film by Romain Kronenberg with Audrey Bonnet & Nathalie Richard. DOP : Julia Mingo. Music : Romain Kronenberg. Stage assistant : Tünde Deak. Electrician : Thomas Coulomb. Sound engineer : Alix Clément. Thanks to Julien Campus & Yannis Motte (BO.A Architecture) & Joël Davesne.

SACEM prize for the best original music, Festival Côté Court de Pantin 2018.