A FRAGILE TENSION – installation for two screens. Original languages : French & Kurdish. Version with English subtitles available.

VIDÉO – A fragile tension is the completion of a process made of several steps, that first consisted in the making of two invididual artworks : Nothing but earth, drier and drier and The shape of its body with the excess of dust. Conceived as a diptych, this work puts side by side two situations and two territories as the countershot of each other : a man who left aboard a cargo ship in search of a new world, two men who stayed behind waiting for the scout to show the way ; a cargo ship on the high seas, an arid land ; two kurdish speaking men, a french speaking man ; but the same radio transmitter that allows for contact that slowly gets lost, and most of all a shared stake, universal : the necessity to believe.

CREDITS – with Mehmet Korkut, Mazlum Adıgüzel, Adrien Dantou & Baver Doğanay. Kurdish translation by Kawa Nemir.

Myths of Romain Kronenberg (excerpt) – Jean-Luc Nancy, 2017

Against the backdrop of a marine or rocky vastness. Against the backdrop of an empty cité or of cargo no less deserted. The backdrop is precisely what takes place without a place: enormous and far-off heaps, transfers on site, deep thrusts—as well as drifts, departures, wanderings asserting their rather precise disposition.

We listen. We observe. One and the same gesture films and speaks. One same image emerging from the backdrop and then sinking within it.

Within it ? What, exactly ? the backdrop ? the faces ? the images ? the words ? the thoughts ? even to the bottom of this name, which seems crafted by way of myths, legends, and memorial fables: Romain Kronenberg, the empire of the crowned mountains. Much like a word obstinately whispered and mumbled by a lost voyager.