TOUT EST VRAI – film 52 min, sculpture, photographs, novel.

NARRATIVE – A morning of spring in front of the building where they used to meet, four people in their early twenties are the victims of an attack : Pablo Adam dies right in front of his girlfriend Zoe Jaspers, her brother Thomas and Felix Jeanneret, a visitor. The three survivors try to overcome their friend’s passing through their respective artworks : a sculpture hosting images of the deceased, photographs revealing an escape and a novel imagining another outcome of the attack, are gathered around the film telling their story.

CREDITS – with Pablo Cobo, Nicolas Lancelin, Valentine Cadic & Naël Malassagne. Director of photography Julia Mingo. Editing on collaboration with Julie Picouleau. Mixing in collaboration with Mikaël Barre. Produced by Delphine Schmit (Tripode Productions).