TOUT EST VRAI – film 52 min, sculpture, photographs, novel.

NARRATIVE – A morning of spring in front of the building where they used to meet, four people in their early twenties are the victims of an attack : Pablo Adam dies right in front of his girlfriend Zoe Jaspers, her brother Thomas and Felix Jeanneret, a visitor. The three survivors try to overcome their friend’s passing through their respective artworks : a sculpture hosting images of the deceased, photographs revealing an escape and a novel imagining another outcome of the attack, are gathered around the film telling their story.

CREDITS – with Pablo Cobo, Nicolas Lancelin, Valentine Cadic & Naël Malassagne. Director of photography Julia Mingo. Editing on collaboration with Julie Picouleau. Mixing in collaboration with Mikaël Barre. Produced by Delphine Schmit (Tripode Productions).

“Last June, the video artist and composer Romain Kronenberg created one of the most beautiful thing that was seen lately”. Emmanuelle Lequeux, “The most beautiful artworks of 2019”, in Beaux-Arts N°426, December 2019.

reading of Zoe Jaspers’ novel “Tout est vrai” by Audrey Bonnet & Romain Kronenberg (Festival Côté Court, Pantin / 2019)